Kristine & Nathan - GoMA Wedding

Kristine & Nathan met at dental school and found love over a mutual appreciation for dessert. As the story goes they were sat next to each-other at a university dinner and towards the end of the night Nathan used the classic, tried and tested pick-up line; “are you going to finish that?”. He did not know at the time but the fact that Kristine let him finish her desert was a huge deal. He must have been special.

A few years down the track, on a beautiful Brisbane day I had the pleasure of being their wedding photographer! Kristine got ready at home with her bridesmaids, cat Riffraff and dog Ziggy (who later made an appearance on the wedding cake topper). The ceremony was held in the Sculpture Courtyard of the Queensland Art Gallery, surrounded by flowing water, warm filtered sunlight and their closest friends & family. The stunning reception was on the GoMA River Terrace with friends providing the soundtrack (Nathan even joined the horn section for tune) and a nanna that seriously owned the dance floor the entire night.